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TifSport bermudagrass is the best of several fine-textured mutants derived by irradiating Midiron stolons. The Midiron stolons were grown from dormant stolons and rhizomes obtained from Ralph White of Southern Turf Nursery. They were treated with 8000 rads of Cobalt 60 gamma radiation on January 20, 1983. The irradiated stolons were planted in steam-sterilized soil in the greenhouse immediately after treatment. Sixty-six fine textured mutants or sectors were identified on the irridiated stolons. They were separated and individually propagated. TifSport was tested as MI40. It has 2n=3x=27 chromosomes, like Midiron, and is vegetatively propagated by shoots, stolons and rhizomes.
The leaf color of TifSport is similar to Tifway during most of the summer. TifSport has better color in the early spring and in the fall. TifSport retains its green color under cool nights where Tifway and common bermudagrass types usually become light green as temperatures approach freezing and light frosts are experienced. Stolon color of TifSport is green with moderate purpling near the nodes. It is similar to Tifway during warm periods, but lighter in color under cool conditions. Neither TifSport nor Tifway exhibit the red stolon color noted in many common bermudagrass types and varieties.

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