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USG 3555

USG 3555 is an early heading (119 d, Julian), awnletted, short stature (80 cm) semi-dwarf, soft red winter wheat cultivar having good straw strength. Winter hardiness is moderate. Juvenile plant growth is prostrate. At the boot stage, USG 3555 has green plant color and erect, non-twisted flag leaves. Spikes and straw of USG 3555 are creamy white in color at maturity, and the awnletted, recurved spikes are mid-dense and oblong in shape. USG 3555 is resistant to powdery mildew, stripe rust, and stem rust. It is moderately resistant to leaf rust, Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, Soilborne Mosaic, and Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Virus. Depending on the environment, USG 3555 is moderatley susceptible to leaf blotch, glume blotch, and fusarium head blight. Based on field and seedling tests, USG 3555 is suceptible to Hessian fly biotypes B, C, D, E, and L.







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